About the Association

Association for Open Data of Public Transportation

Open Data

  • The concept and approach of infrastructure to share data, so to speak, which make it possible to access data of important public value via network by publishing access Application Programming Interface (API), etc.

Association for Open Data of Public Transportation

  • An industry-government-academia association including mainly public transportation operators and ICT stakeholders
  • “Constructs advanced next-generation public transportation information services based on the R&D results in
    the Study Group of Open Data for Public Transportation with “open data” relating to public transportation at the core. Moreover, we also carry out R&D on a standard platform for the services and make public transportation policy recommendations.”

Activity of this Association

  • Operating Public Transportation Open Data Center that acts as one stop service to distribute the open data of public transportation
    • Providing many types of data from railway, bus and airline companies (e.g. timetable, location information of trains)
    • Provision of layout and information about facilities inside stations
  • Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo
  • Research and development of information provision method to variety of users including the physically-challenged and overseas visitors
  • Standardization and popularization of indoor positioning infrastructure that utilizes ucode BLE markers in transportation terminals
  • Realization of information coordination between railway, bus, airline and taxi companies and policy recommendation toward the MaaS age

Public Transportation Open Data Center

  • The center provides data from public transportation operator members to service developers including ICT vendors and other developers at large.
  • Develop data provision scheme and rules to meet various needs The center has implemented access control mechanism to select the parties that may receive the data.
  • The center gathers various types of data from public transportation operators, and provides the data through the easy-to-use API after appropriate transformation, cleansing, etc.
    • The data is provided using REST API and JSON-LD data format which should be familiar to developers in general.
    • We plant to offer and support various data formats including GTFS format data which should be easy for travel path search operators to use.



Plenary Meeting
The admission of members, business plans, budgets and balance sheet drafts are approved at the Plenary Meetings.

Board of Directors
Board of Directors operates the association by making business plans, drawing up budgets/balance sheets, approving the admission of members and establishing/dissolving Committees.

Committees perform activities to smoothly promote the business of the association and report on the progress of these activities to the Board of Directors as appropriate.

Working Groups
Working groups hold discussions on particular themes. These are established under the Committees.

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