Activities in the past

Feasibility study experiments that use public transportation open data

“dokosil,” a real-time operation information service

  • Provision of real-time status information and timetables of railways, buses, etc.
  • Provision of real-time location information, status information and timetables of railways and buses

Smart Terminal Service, “kokosil terminal”

  • Provision of information about public transportation facilities such as railway stations and airports
  • Provision of real-time facility information such as how crowded it is at the moment
  • Implementation of guidance service inside the facility based on the location information
  • Execution of prototype guidance service systems to provide information by means of Bluetooth LE kokosil markers inside stations and airport facilities.

Feasibility study experiments at Narita and Haneda airport

Executed feasibility study experiment to provide publication transportation and tourism information by means of smartphone app to overseas visitors who came to tourists site in and near Tokyo.

kokosil Narita and kokosil Haneda

  • Provision of information about facilities inside an airport
  • Flight information and bus time table
  • Navigation inside airports using panoramic photos based on the BLE marker positioning
  • Travel Tips for overseas visitors to Japan

kokosil Travelers’ Guide Tokyo

  • Provision of Tokyo sightseeing information
  • Provision of access information the airports

Met the high expectation of overseas visitors to Japan regarding public transportation information

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